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"We practice what we preach! 

That's precisely why each of our Nutritionist Impact Program Leaders

have themselves participated in the IMPACT program!"

Message from the Founder

People often ask me... Why did we design IMPACT?


For one simple reason - because diet's don't work! 


Yes, they don't - despite all the importance given to them, they fail miserably in helping people lose weight.


So that's why, I and my team of Nutritionists have designed IMPACT - a program that is fun and challenging and is designed to the best out of you! 


IMPACT is based on my extensive research in the US for 7 years. It employs cutting-edge scientific practices from the field of weight loss, fitness and lifestyle transformation. 


These are very powerful techniques that have helped super-achievers and high-performing athletes attain their goals! And now we bring these secrets to you in the form of IMPACT! 


All our IMPACT Program Leaders are reputed Nutritionist coaches and they have themselves participated in the program!  Yes, we all practice what we preach! :)


Having said that, I invite you to embark on this 6 week exhilarating journey!



Dr. Vishal Marwah 

(Founder - IMPACT)

Dr. Vishal Marwah

MBBS, MS in Health Promotion (USA)

Founder and Program Director - IMPACT 

Grand Challenges Canada -Rising Star in Global Health, 2013


No App ... Real People! 

Some of the best experts in nutrition, fitness and wellness

have come together to create IMPACT

Tehzeeb Lalani

BS in Nutrition Sciences (New York University)

Tehzeeb is a young and dynamic entrepreneur and the sole proprietor of a health and nutrition consultancy service based out of Mumbai, India called Scale Beyond Scale (SBS) where evidently enough, she helps her clients look beyond the weighing scale. She contributes as a guest author for magazines such as Home and Happiness, The Active Times, Health Me Up, Diabetes Health, HealthBiz and B Positive. She has also made appearances on Zee Business, Care World TV and done brief stints for All India Radio and The Economic Times. 

Anuradha Shah

MSc in FSN, MPH (Northern Illinois University)

Anuradha Shah is a Nutritionist and Lifesytyle coach based in Pennsylvania (USA). She is specialised in health promotion and epidemiology. An avid dancer and choreographer by hobby, she is passionate about helping her clients achieve their health and fitness goals through fun and sustainable means. In her spare time she looks cooking exotic dishes, and experimenting with different culinary styles. 

Anuja Dharap

MSc in Nutrition and Dietetics

Anuja is young and enthusiastic Nutripreneur and Founder of The Green Punch (TGP), Mumbai, India. Her brand TGP is the amalgamation of Health, Wellness, and Environment. She believes the healing power of nature and guides clients to improve their relationship with nature and environment in order to bring balance in their lives. Her goal is to help people to achieve health and happiness, by simple and doable changes in their lifestyle.

Anagha Desai

MSc in Nutrition and Dietetics, Symbiosis University

Anagha Desai is the founder of Zing Wellness in Mumbai. She enables her clients to eat consciously with personalized meal plans. Her goal is to educate people about nutrition and help them achieve physical, mental, social, spiritual wellbeing. One of her passions is video blogging and her YouTube channels has a wide viewership. 

Mudra Gohil

MSc in Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics Dr. B.M.N. College, Matunga.

Mudra Gohil is a focused and spirited wellness expert. Mudra, the founder of "Health Horizon" has a vision to provide an optimal level of fitness for every person, focusing on the overall development of the body and soul. She excels at giving healthy food options, thus erasing the hassles caused by following various diet plans.

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Jaini Shah

MSc in Food Science and Nutrition, SNDT University

Jaini Shah is the founder of Food Architect in Mumbai, her clientele includes individuals from different walks of life. She believes in holistic health and healing of an individual easily achieved through simple yet effective diet and lifestyle modifications. Through Food Architect, she aims to reach out and help individuals achieve complete health and wellness by taking care of their complete nutrition, physical and mental health.

Simmi Khanna

MSc in Nutrition and Dietetics, SNDT University

Simmi Khanna, founder of SKLean, is one of the leading nutritionists in Jamanagar. A mother of two lovely daughters, Simmi occupies herself with coaching and motivating her clients to lead healthy lifestyles. She is a Reebok & NASM certified health coach, has organized marathons for women, designed healthy board games for children, and if that is not enough - she is presently authoring a book on health and wellness! Her depth and breadth of knowledge in the nutrition space and her passion to transform lives is what makes her special.  

Dhruvi Rathod

MSc in Nutrition and Dietetics

Dhruvi is a Nutritionist by profession and a food lover by heart. She believes that to have a fulfilling life one needs to have a healthy body, a peaceful mind and a cheerful soul. With a curious nature, she is open to all kinds of enquiries and believes in the healing nature of food. According to her, a human body is an example of an extremely well-designed structure. It knows what is good for it, and how to use it to the optimum provided we cater to the body’s basic need for healthy food.

Soumya Peeru

MSc in Dietetics and Food Service Mgmt.

Soumya Peeru is a Nutritionist and Lifestyle coach, and the Founder of Samhita Wellness. She has close to 10 years of experience in clinical nutrition, and dealing with all kinds major and minor ailments. Her philosophy for health living revolves around nutritious food, regular workouts and a positive mental attitude. She believes in enjoying every moment of life, and living life KING size! 

Mrinali Devecha

MSc in Food Science and Nutrition, SNDT

Mrinali Divecha is a young Nutripreneur and the Founder of Health Peace where she helps her clients achieve a balanced lifestyle with her holistic approach.  She also conducts workshops with corporates, schools, NGOs to bring awareness amongst people to stay fit and healthy. Mrinali is passionate about cooking and loves to experiment in the kitchen for her family and clients.

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