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STORY # 1: Did we ignite a spark?

Updated: Sep 25, 2019

It was one chilly Saturday evening in December. I got a call from Nikita.  "Doctor!", she said, "What are you doing Sunday evening? I am sending you 2 passes for my show! Guess what, I will be singing on stage! I would love to see you there!" ... 

"Nikita... stage performance? How did this happen?" I said, with surprise.  "Doctor, how can you forget? .. It all started last year, remember? .. Impact?" 

And then it all came back to me... Exactly a year ago, in December 2017, Nikita was one of the first participants of our Impact program! Nikita was a teacher. She had a busy life - having to take care of her in-laws, her husband, daughter, and manage work with tuition classes as well. With so much going on in her life, she had little time for herself. Most working mothers will be able to relate to this. She had joined Impact with the goal of improving her health and fitness. In our first session, I had asked all the participants to think about their most important goals, their dreams and aspirations! The participants had to identify 5 goals that they would focus on, one of which was supposed to be a personal goal or a hobby. The reason being, 'hobbies' are the joy of life! They add the much needed spark to light up the day! And it was a no-brainer that if you are happy and cheerful, you are more likely to succeed in other things!  Then over the 6 weeks of Impact, Nikita started working towards her health and fitness goals! She started eating healthy, exercising regularly. She roped in her husband and her daughter to support and encourage her! Then she started sharing the lessons she learnt with her students... who further went and shared the lessons with their parents! She was starting a chain-reaction! :)

On the last day of Impact, Nikita shared a teary farewell with us and the 18 other participants! She sang and recorded a song for us...  "Kabhie Alvida na kehana!" ... Her melodious voice touched our hearts!

And that was it! I didn't hear from Nikita for a long time after that... Until she sent me the message on that Saturday - "Doctor, I am sending you two passes for my show!" 

So the following Sunday evening, I attended the show. It was such a treat to see Nikita sing on stage - with such elegance and poise! 

During the interval, I walked up to her.  "So, Nikita, how did this all happen?"  I couldn't wait to hear her story!

"So Doctor...", said Nikita,  "Do you remember the personal goal that you had asked all of us to set? I set a goal to practice singing for 15 minutes every day! I always wanted to become a singer since I was a teenager, but never pursued it. Then during Impact I took it up as a hobby. After completing the 6 week program, I continued with it... 15 minutes became 30, then 1 hour... Then I joined an amateur singers club. And here I am today! My first stage performance!" 

The joy and satisfaction on her face was palpable! 

"I may not be Lata Mangeshkar", she said,  "But singing is my passion, and I love what I am doing! I am living my dream!" 

Her words rang in my heart! I had tears in my eyes, when she said that she owed it all to Impact. But I knew that it was not us, it was her!

Somewhere down the line we had ignited the spark, but it was she who kindled the fire! 

P.S: The moment with Nikita was captured in the video shared above!

Fast forward - August 2019 - Nikita will be giving her 10th stage performance! :)

I hope this story made your day! Do post in the comments below and let me know what you think!

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I'm also a teacher. My busy schedule did not allow me to go ahead with whatever I had planned to lose weight. This story has ignited a spark to continue working to educate the young minds and keep myself healthy.

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