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STORY #2 - The 5 am flight!

Updated: Sep 26, 2019

"Are you not a bit early for your flight, Sir?" said the attendant glancing at Nick's boarding pass. "Your flight leaves at 5 am, and it's only midnight!"

Nick seemed unfazed at the question. "No, I am not!" he said, with an air of confidence. He dropped his bag on the conveyor belt, grabbed the pass and headed for the security gate. 

It was the weekend before Christmas. After an eventful year in India, having worked as a theatre teacher, directed a play, done a couple of ad films and stand-up comedy acts, it was time to go home!

Nick was excited to be meeting his mom in London and was looking forward to the holiday celebrations. But something was playing on Nick's mind. A task was left incomplete, at least for that day! Nick was well aware that once he would board his flight at 5 am, he wouldn't be able to complete it. He couldn't afford to miss it! He hadn't missed a single day in the last 324 days! Only 40 more days to go! 

Passing through security and then immigration, Nick reached his departure gate. Yes, he was there early! But it was for a good reason. Nick looked at his watch. "I have 4 hours.. enough time!"  With that Nick took a deep breath, a long stretch and started walking! The Terminal 2 of the Mumbai airport had a lot of ground to cover. So Nick breezed across the gates till he reached the very last one, and then a U-turn,and then back... he kept walking!

As he passed by, heads turned with curiosity. "What's up with this white guy?!" people wondered. But Nick couldn't care less. Finally, 2 hours 5 minutes later Nick stopped! He glanced at his FitBit... 

10,001 steps! Mission accomplished!  

11 months ago, in January 2018, Nick had taken up the IMPACT challenge. One of the goals he had set for himself was to walk 10,000 steps every day! This was his 325th day! He hadn't missed a single day since then! And that day was going to be no exception!

Recently, on the January 29th, 2019 Nick shared a message on our Impact WhatsApp group - a screenshot from his fitness app. On seeing the message, the group erupted with joy!! No one in Impact had ever accomplished this feat before! 

Nick had become the first one to walk 10,000 steps every single day for 365 days in row! 

And in the process, he had lost close to 25 kgs!

I called up Nick. I wanted to know the secret of his success. This is what Nick had to say... 

"It wasn't easy. It's been very challenging at times...The days when I was flying internationally, I had to arrive in the airport four hours before my flight in the middle of the night to walk round the departure lounge...The day I injured my heel tendon, I had to do the last 2000 steps on the cross trainer without putting any weight on my right foot... Christmas day when it was just one degree outside and icy rain, I still managed to do it! ... And one day when I was delayed at a Ganesh puja at someone's house, I ended up running round their local park at 11:30 pm!"

"But what kept you going, Nick?" I asked. 

"Well..." said Nick, "I just told myself every day that I won't go to bed unless I finish those 10,000 steps!"

Wow!  So simple, yet so profound! I was in awe of his determination!

Fast forward - April 2019 - I called up Nick to check on him. 

"So when is your next 5 am flight, Nick?" I asked. 

"It's next week, Doc", replied Nick, "But I am a bit worried... because I doubt if they will let me RUN 5 km at the airport! ;) " 

Were you inspired by Nick's story? Leave a comment below and let us know!

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