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The Superhero Way to Lose Weight and Get Fit!
3 SECRET strategies that super-achievers apply to Lose weight
and Get Fit the FUN, FAST and EASY way!
"IMPACT is the extraordinary journey
of ordinary people like you and me."
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Dt Anuradha Shah

Masters in Public Health

Northern Illinois University

Dr Vishal Marwah




Who should attend this webinar and WHY?


This webinar is for those who have tried everything to lose weight and get fit, but nothing seems to work.
Or those who have tried nothing so far, and are trying to figure out what will work for them.
This webinar will give you the head-start in your journey towards transforming your health and life! 

Why DIETING doesn't work and what is the alternative?

Why dieting and counting calories doesn't work? What does the latest research say about it? Is there an alternative to dieting that is more effective?


How to lose weight and get fit the FUN, FAST and EASY way?

Is there an alternative way to lose weight and get fit that is totally guilt-free,  where you enjoy every bit of the journey, and most importantly that gives you 'guaranteed' results?


What are the 3 SECRET strategies of Super-achievers?

What do super-achievers do differently, such that no matter what challenges they face in life, they are still able to achieve their goals? How can you apply those secrets to your own life?

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