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Next batch starts on 

Sun, Oct 6th 2019

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Dr. Vishal Marwah

MBBS, MS in Health Promotion (USA)

Founder - IMPACT

Dt Amandeep Soni

MSc in Sports and Exercise Nutrition

Program Leader

Not everyone will understand your journey,

just be yourself and carry on.


About Amandeep

Amandeep Soni is the Founder of Singh NutriDiet, a consulting firm based in Delhi. With expertise in exercise and sports science, and his experience as a State level Arm wrestler, Amandeep combines his passion for fitness and nutrition and empathy for his clients into his unique approach. Amandeep believes in giving results, and to help his clients achieve their goals he gives his best. In his personal life, Amandeep keeps himself fit by getting up at 4:30 am and hitting the gym! He attributes his success to his dedication, discipline, humility, a positive attitude and belief in God!

Area of Expertise:

Sports Nutrition

Years of

field experience

Happy clients

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Program Schedule

This webinar is for those who have tried everything to lose weight and get fit, but nothing seems to work.
Or those who have tried nothing so far, and are trying to figure out what will work for them.
This webinar will give you the head-start in your journey towards transforming your health and life! 


Batch 1

Batch 2


Sun, Oct 6th - Nov 17th

Sun, Oct 27th - Dec 8th



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Batch 3

Batch 4

Sun, Nov 17th - Dec 29th

Sun, Dec 1st - Jan 12th

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Starting soon


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